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Custom Homes

Having a home designed just for you is an extremely personal and rewarding pursuit. We will work closely with you to ensure your new home is a reflection of your unique family and lifestyle. We are your partner through the entire process.

We believe a home is more than a pretty box or a checklist of builder’s options; it’s a living thing that should enhance the life you create within its walls.

We believe that when your home is designed to fit not only your budget but also your family’s wants, needs, plans and dreams, it will delight and inspire you as much in 10 years as it does the first day you step through the door.

We believe in the power of good design. A house built from the ground up benefits from conscientious design decisions that are rooted in your unique personal tastes.

We believe a house can only become home when the space is designed to fit your life. That’s the ultimate goal of our process.
This is our passion. We’re ready to help you create beautiful, useful spaces in which you and your family can truly thrive.

We will develop a fee for your custom home based on the scope of your project. Generally our fee for a full service contract ranges between 5%-10% of the construction budget.

Ashli Slawter Architecture offers custom home design services in Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana, Cincinnati, Fort Thomas, Southern Ohio, Montana, Michigan, and Alaska.

Ashli Slawter Architecture
33 N Ft. Thomas Ave. Studio 102
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