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Defining Custom Residential Design

What does is mean to complete a truly custom project? Is it custom if you have selected your fixtures or cabinets? I would argue, no. This might make some of you angry. But, selecting from one of five pre-determined floor plans and a few finishes does not make a custom home.

It is important to understand that custom design starts with words and ends with a unique project suited to you and your families needs. This process is the road map to success. It is so important to make sure all of the goals are achieved. After all your house is an exention of you not just a box to decorate.

Take a look at my projects page and what do you note first? I would say they are all different, unique...and most of all suited to the client. This is what can be created when you start with words and end with architecture!

Written by: Ashli Slawter, Architect, Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati

Specializing in Residential Design, Home Design, Kitchen Design, Renovation

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