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Architecture is our core business. We provide services to all homeowners with projects ranging in size from very small to very large.

Our goal with every project is the same, no matter whether it’s a remodeling job for a few rooms or a breathtaking home built from the ground up. You will love living in it. You’ll love coming home at the end of the day And in 10 years, you’ll still feel the magic that enchanted you the first time you opened the door to a space that wasn’t created around a checklist of features, but was designed for the unique way you live with and in it.

A house isn’t just a pretty box to be wrapped with a few popular features. If the house doesn’t reflect you, your family and the personalities that make you unique, it never goes beyond being a house to become a home.

People don’t live in their homes; they activate them in the way they interact with their spaces. And when a home is designed to reflect the family’s wants, needs, plans and dreams, it enhances the lives of those who spend time in it.

We believe our job, our calling, our mission is to give you a unique space that lives as well as it looks. Our passion is design; we find our flow state when we’re creating great spaces in which you can thrive. And for us, there’s no greater thrill than the feeling we get when you walk through the door of your new space for the first time and delight lights up your face.

Our process is deeply personal. Rather than giving you a list of options to check off, we work together to identify how you live now, and how you want to live. This discovery process drives our decisions. While there are plenty of builders and architects who will tell you what you should want, our work always ties back to you and the way you want to live.

Our goal is to build a physical space – be it a single room or a whole house – that reflects you, your family, and the story of how you live. A house, after all, only becomes a home when you can live well in it. And a thoughtful, life-centered design that considers your unique needs will inspire and enhance your live for years to come.

Ashli Slawter Architecture offers home design services in Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana, Cincinnati, Fort Thomas, Southern Ohio, Montana, Michigan, and Alaska.

Ashli Slawter Architecture
33 N Ft. Thomas Ave. Studio 102
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